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Trafficking of Moroccan Tortoises

International demand has created an intense market in animal trade, much of it illegal, leading to far more pressure than populations of many species can handle. Trafficking and other human activities now directly… Continue reading

Nature’s Pharmacy

People have long relied on plants, animals, and minerals for medicine, and many folks in both rural and urban locations around the world still rely on these rather than on modern pharmaceuticals. Traditional… Continue reading

Project on Human-Reptile Interactions in Morocco

Should we define wilderness by absence of human impact? Or are humans as much a part of an ecosystem as plants or any other animal? Although some humans currently race to save the… Continue reading

Rattlesnake Roundups

With March here, rural communities in parts of the southern United States are preparing for their rattlesnake roundups. The roundups are annual events that started to “control” rattlesnake populations, provide fundraising opportunities, create… Continue reading